Our Aims

Our Aims

Seerah today is charity which aims to generate a more positive view of Islam in non-Muslims and a better understanding of Islam for Muslims. We are inclusive and welcome membership from any an all individuals regardless of background and interests. We base our aims on the life of The Prophet Muhammad صَلَّىٰ ٱللَّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ which, shown in action, can simply be seen as ‘good action’. Our learned members are here to advise if there is any controversy and to speak at events with authority.

Dr Ziauddin Shakeb founded the principles behind Seerah Today in his work with Seerah Committee, which has worked on numerous events to promote the life of the Prophet Muhammad pbuH. He was a lecturer at SOAS and specialist in artefacts from the Indian subcontinent.
Shaykh Tahir who will advise us on The character of the Prophet Muhammad
Al-Qutb As- Sayyid As-Shaykh Tahir Shahabudin Al-Hashemi is an authorised Shaykh of the Qadiriyya tariqah. He is a regular speaker at our events and leads weekly zikrs.
Shaykh Shamsudin advises on the fiqh and life of the Prophet Muhammad pbuH
As-Sufi As-Shaykh Dr Mohammed Abu Nuh Al-Qadriyyah is an authorised Shaykh of the Qadiriyya tariqah and speaks regularly at our events and sometimes holds and attends zikrs.

OUR PURPOSE: To guide to a better understanding of Islam through practical action and education.  

We aim to do this through:

1. Food Parcels; a food parcel service for the needy in the community. This is based on the premise that Qur’an instructs Muslims to ‘feed the people’ and is an expression of faith. It involves volunteers from all sections of the community and serves individuals from any section of the community. Working together, we learn to accept one another and working under a premise of ‘feed the people’ helps to promote understanding and tolerance of Muslims/Islam.

2. Inclusive Education; seminars and holiday workshops aimed at all sections of society and strictly not preaching Islam but working under the hadith ‘whoever follows a path in pursuit of knowledge, Allah makes his way easy to paradise’. Sometimes these will be interfaith based for example discussing the concept of God in different religions; always without a persuasive angle and sometimes they will be more appropriate for people who identify specifically as Muslim. Often talks and seminars will be more issue based such as ‘organ donation’ or ‘homosexuality in religion’; the aim will always be to give attendees the tools to think rather than persuade them of a particular point of view. Bringing different sections of the community together will help to dispel misconceptions and prejudices and allow for agreement and agreement to differ. This will benefit the Muslim community who sometimes feel negatively ‘labelled’.

3. Support in the community; where people want a forum or a voice and we agree that their intentions a for the betterment of community cohesion and do not conflict with essential teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, we will help them to promote their idea. Our support in the community will also include responding to any perceived present need. For example, we currently provide second hand clothes parcels until the shops have reopened.