Our Aims

Our Aims

Seerah Today is a charity servicing High Wycombe and West London.  Our purpose is to develop the better understanding of Islam for both Muslims and people outside the Muslim community for the benefit of community cohesion.  This is done through local community poverty relief, fundraising for international poverty relief, education and worship.

Dr Ziauddin Shakeb (Oct 1933- Jan 2021) founded the principles behind Seerah Today in his work with Seerah Committee, which has worked on numerous events to promote the life of the Prophet Muhammad pbuH. He was a lecturer at SOAS and specialist in artefacts from the Indian subcontinent.
Khurrum Shehzad directs our international efforts in the villages around Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He is responsible for; addressing period poverty through the distribution of hygiene packs and organising talks for ladies with a gynaecologist; arranging for food to be purchased and distributed to needy families; organising for clothes that have been shipped in to be distributed.

Shaykh Tahir who will advise us on The character of the Prophet Muhammad
Al-Qutb As- Sayyid As-Shaykh Tahir Shahabudin Al-Hashemi is an authorised Shaykh of the Qadiriyya tariqah. He is a regular speaker at our events and leads weekly zikrs. Shaykh Tahir Jilani offers spiritual guidance and advice and is the father figure of this organisation.
Shaykh Shamsudin advises on the fiqh and life of the Prophet Muhammad pbuH
As-Sufi As-Shaykh Dr Mohammed Abu Nuh Al-Qadriyyah is an authorised Shaykh of the Qadiriyya tariqah and speaks regularly at our events and sometimes holds and attends zikrs. He also offers personalised spiritual advise and delivers video lectures for our YouTube channel.

What does ‘seerah’ mean?

Seerah is an Arabic word, sometimes transliterated as ‘sira’ which means biography. That is it means an overview of a persona life, character and actions.

When Muslims refer to the Seerah, they are referring specifically the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad.

This charity and its works are inspired and developed in the spirit of the seerah. What we hope will be evident to anyone who sees the work of Seerah Today or who volunteers with us, Muslim or not, is that the seerah of the Prophet Muhammad is: compatible and complimentary to living in England AND that it is consistent with the ethics and demand for good action and love for humanity that people find in their own religious traditions and in no religious tradition.

If you volunteer with us or donate to us, we hope you will see it as we do, as an act of building bridges and understanding our similarities.

Our Work:

1. Seerah Today Community: Our community work which includes essentials parcels, clothes parcels and community forum is for all people and delivered by all people. Faith does not matter. Community work is a part of honouring the memory and actions of our Prophet Muhammad for some of us and for others it is for different reasons or reasons pertaining to other religious beliefs

2. Seerah Today International; this is an attempt at poverty relief mainly in Pakistan and Kashmir. Our regular activities include qurbani, Ramadan collections, sustained poverty relief and period poverty relief. We are addressing poverty which is an obligation set by the Qur’an and also replicating the motivations of the Prophet Muhammad. However, we get donations from non- Muslim sources as well and for those, their motivation will be different. We have a particular focus on women who struggle with equality and difficulty in these countries.

3. Seerah Today Education; we provide a growing number of services in this section including a girls’ school programme, resources and online Qur’an tuition. Education is freedom and the Prophet Muhammad was clear that all people should strive to know and understand as best they can. We would like to facilitate that. Our education is all related to Islam or directly teaching Islam and as such all our programmes are delivered by Muslims, however our resources are made in such a way that they cater for those who are not Muslim but are learning about Islam. We are also happy to come to schools on Mondays and Fridays to discuss Islam in assemblies and also to classes studying Islam in RE lessons.

4. Seerah Today worship; Weekly Thursday prayer (zikr) meetings led by Sufi Shaykhs and weekly khutbahs (reminders) issued from these Sufi Shaykhs on Fridays.  All are welcome to attend.