Our Aims

Our Aims

Seerah today is charity which aims to generate a more positive view of Islam in non-Muslims and a better understanding of Islam for Muslims. We are inclusive and welcome membership from any an all individuals regardless of background and interests. We base our aims on the life of The Prophet Muhammad صَلَّىٰ ٱللَّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ which, shown in action, can simply be seen as ‘good action’. Our learned members are here to advise if there is any controversy and to speak at events with authority.

Dr Ziauddin Shakeb (Oct 1933- Jan 2021) founded the principles behind Seerah Today in his work with Seerah Committee, which has worked on numerous events to promote the life of the Prophet Muhammad pbuH. He was a lecturer at SOAS and specialist in artefacts from the Indian subcontinent.
Khurrum Shehzad directs our international efforts in the villages around Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He is responsible for; addressing period poverty through the distribution of hygiene packs and organising talks for ladies with a gynaecologist; arranging for food to be purchased and distributed to needy families; organising for clothes that have been shipped in to be distributed.

Shaykh Tahir who will advise us on The character of the Prophet Muhammad
Al-Qutb As- Sayyid As-Shaykh Tahir Shahabudin Al-Hashemi is an authorised Shaykh of the Qadiriyya tariqah. He is a regular speaker at our events and leads weekly zikrs. Shaykh Tahir Jilani offers spiritual guidance and advice and is the father figure of this organisation.
Shaykh Shamsudin advises on the fiqh and life of the Prophet Muhammad pbuH
As-Sufi As-Shaykh Dr Mohammed Abu Nuh Al-Qadriyyah is an authorised Shaykh of the Qadiriyya tariqah and speaks regularly at our events and sometimes holds and attends zikrs. He also offers personalised spiritual advise and delivers video lectures for our YouTube channel.

OUR PURPOSE: To guide to a better understanding of Islam.  

Seerah Today serves Muslims in Buckinghamshire and West London in their religious practice. Amongst its other activities the charity provides religious education and an Islamic lending library, activities to spread awareness and understanding of Islam, and to promote community cohesion. Seerah Today also provides specialist services for the specific sections of the community such as women, older and young people and represents the community on various faith, community and volunteer groups. 

1. Outreach work as an expression of faith: eg a food parcel service for the needy in the community. This is based on the premise that Qur’an instructs Muslims to ‘feed the people’.  It involves volunteers from all sections of the community and serves individuals referred by social services and key workers of people living in hostels and identified in the community by authorities. 

2. Education for Muslims; this will be in the format of discussion; seminars and holiday workshops aimed mainly at the Muslim community although sometimes these will be interfaith based on for example discussing the concept of God in different religions; always without a persuasive angle. Often talks and seminars will be more issue based such as ‘organ donation’ or ‘homosexuality in religion’; the aim will always be to give attendees the tools to think Islamically for themselves. Seerah Today will also provide a lending library of academic Muslim literature in both English and Urdu, for children and adults.  The main beneficiaries of this will be the Muslim population of Buckinghamshire and West London.

3. Religious practice; Weekly Thursday prayer (zikr) meetings led by Sufi Shaykhs and weekly khutbahs (reminders) issued from these Sufi Shaykhs on Fridays.  All are welcome to attend.