Seerah Today is a charitable platform working to build bridges between different communities locally, nationally and internationally.

Building bridges and building trust
Seerah Today; building trust between communities.

If you support our objectives and would like to contribute in anyway we would love to hear from you! contact@seerahtoday.org

What do we do locally?

  1. Inaya@SeerahToday works to help Muslim women who endure intimate domestic violence. We work closely with the police and provide a service aimed to help provide a non-judgemental ‘friend’ who understands the process that is likely to take place and the support that is available after an allegation has been made.
Inaya@SeerahToday locally helps women suffering domestic violence.

Inaya@SeerahToday works on a sign posting basis only. We receive calls from people who have been given our number by the local police in High Wycombe.

All our ‘friends’ are volunteers and are not offering a professional service.

2. We are still able to offer goods for new houses especially for people who have suffered domestic violence or who are being housed after homelessness. We are sent referrals mainly by Wycombe Homeless Connection and do not take calls for this directly from the public.

3. We are involved in interfaith and diversity work and discussions to try to help discuss more ways to help develop and build bridges between communities especially in relation to the Muslim community.

What do we do nationally?

  1. We provide assistance for young people who are struggling with growing up as Muslims in a secular environment. We do this through the free webpages ShamsST. ShamsST is a forum useful for Muslim parents and teens.
National work to help Muslim teens and their parents understand being Muslim in a secular context.

2. We support Tazkiyah Academy which is an online madrassa for children. The lessons are developed with a view to settle the internal conflicts experienced by many young Muslims who grow up in the UK. The lessons focus on inspiring the heart and are developed using, in part, the Al Ghazali Children publications.

A madrassa school which helps muslim children understand being Muslim in the context of a secular environment.
Beautiful and inspiring Islamic lessons for children.

3. We develop educational resources for mainstream schools including worksheets and short clip videos. Please visit our YouTube channel and subscribe (Seerah Today.)

4. We publish books to help younger Muslims understand being Muslim in a secular context. Please email contact@seerahtoday.org for your copy (£7.99 + postage.)

What do we do internationally?

  1. We work to relieve period poverty in some of the poorer villages near Rawalpindi in Pakistan.
Internationally relieving period poverty and building bridges.
Relieving period poverty.

2. Seasonal Qurbani across Pakistan.

International Qurbani
2021 poster campaign.

3. Feeding and clothing the poor across Kashmir and Pakistan. We do occasional callouts for assistance and clothes particularly during Ramadan and during emergencies.

international poverty relief
international poverty relief

4. Weekly Thursday zikrs conducted by Shaykh Tahir Jilani via zoom. Please email contact@seerahtoday.org for the zoom code.

5. Monthly educational lectures by Shaykh Shamshudin Qadriyyah.

A poster showing the advert for the international lecture.
Poster for the most recent lecture.

How can you help?

We are always seeking regular donations to aid our work generally and specifically. Please email contact@seerahtoday.org if you would like to donate.

If you would like to volunteer we have casual opportunities available in Inaya@ST and in fundraising and marketing. Pease emailcontact@seerahtoday.org if you are interested.

Picture shows how you can help.
Volunteering and making donations.

Seerah Today

Founded in 2019 by Rosalind Khan and Junaid Khan.

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