3rd January Jummah message from Shaykh Tahir

These messages come to the Shaykh by inspiration of the Prophet (pbuH) and draw on many sources. They will speak to you; whoever you are.

Whoever loves for his heart to be clean, then let him make his private deeds better than his public deeds. You must observe the world around you and see how the people are deceived. They are taken into the trap of vanity, fame and wealth which they feel exalts them above others like kings and queens on thrones. This perceived beauty which attracts the admiration and attention of others blinds them and they are forever disillusioned. But then in one instant, life deals a blow and all is gone. Both the laughter and the sadness ends. However, do not be disheartened because if we had perfect power to determine our destiny and perfect eyes to see our future; we would choose exactly the fate that Allah has chosen for us. So, overcome your egos that you may be saved. Indeed you will appear before your Lord and answer for every deed. Juma Mubarak’ Shaykh Tahir

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