A message from Shaykh Tahir

This juma message is given to the Shaykh by inspiration of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وعلى آله وسلم and draws on many beautiful sources. It will speak to you; whoever you are.

When one loves an object it blinds one and the heart becomes ill. When this happens you see but with a diseased eye, hear but with unhearing ears. The world can make the heart die, but at the same time be an object of desire for the mind.  At this point, you become a slave to the world and a slave to the people whose only concern is this world. The heart of a human is amazing; it possesses both the substance of wisdom and it’s opposites. Your intellect longs to be like the righteous people so that you can be of one of them, and you love them so that you can be united with them in their love. But even if you fall short in emulating the actions of the righteous, do not become enslaved to your desires. Juma Mubarak’ Shaykh Tahir

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