Girls’ School Programme

We would like to see the girls in the community succeed and develop a meaningful place in the wider society and also within their Muslim community because Together We Thrive.

Girls must be guided to navigate their identities as Muslims in an English context and have a safe forum to discuss.

Seerah Today offer flexible 6 hour programmes for Muslim girls from year 5 to year 13.

Sessions are run by a fully qualified religious education teacher with 15 years of experience. A more detailed CV is available on request.

All sessions will include a wealth of opportunity to discuss difficulties of understanding your identity as a Muslim in the context of the ‘here and now’.

Example topics (they will be tailored to the requirements of the age group):

  • What does it mean for me to be a Muslim woman in England?
  • Muslim women in sport
  • Muslim women in the entertainment industry
  • Muslim women in politics and the law
  • Muslim women as religious leaders and scholars
  • Muslim women as engineers and scientists

** For girls’ programmes in year 5 we will also offer 10 minutes per lesson of 11+ assistance.

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