History Books

  1. Abu Bakr; the first Caliph Published by Islamic Foundation
  2. A Chronology of Islamic History 570CE-1000CE H.U. Rahman
  3. The Muslim conquest of Spain and the legacy of Al- Andalus Shahnaz Husain
  4. The Crisis of Muslim History Religion and Politics in early Islam Mahmoud M. Ayoub
  5. A History of Early Al-Andalus The Akhbar Majmu’a David James
  6. The Formative Period of Islamic Thought W. Montgomery Watt
  7. The Martyrdom of Husain Abul Kalam Azad translated by Muhammad Iqbal Siddiqui
  8. A History of Islamic Societies Ira M. Lapidus
  9. The Islamic Enlightenment; The Modern Struggle between Faith and Reason Christopher De Bellaigue
  10. History of Medina Munawwarah Shaikh Safiur-Rahman Mubarakpuri
  11. History of Mekkah Shaikh Safiur-Rahman Mubarakpuri
  12. Daily Life in the Medieval Islamic World James E. Lindsay
  13. Moslems in Spain R. Dozy
  14. Umar Bin Al-Khattab; The second Caliph of Islam Abdul Basit Ahmad
  15. The Vanished Imam Fouad Ajami
  16. A Short History of Islam William Montgomery Watt
  17. Christians and Moors in Spain Colin Smith
  18. History of Muslim Spain Sahibzada Masud ul-Hassan Khan Sabri
  19. Stories from Islamic History Sayyed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi
  20. The Venture of Islam Marshall G.S. Hodgson
  21. Destiny Disrupted Tamim Ansary
  22. History of the Rise of Mohammadan Power in India John Briggs
  23. A History of Islamic Spain W. Montgomery Watt and Pierre Cachia
  24. Crusades Prior to The Ayubid State Dr Ali M Sallabi
  25. The History of Islam Safi Ur Rahman Mubarakpuri
  26. Blood and Faith; the purging of Muslim Spain 1492-1614 Matthew Carr
  27. Conquests of the Sahabah Book 1 and 2 Al Imam Al Waqidi
  28. A Journey Through Persian History and Culture Seyyid Hossein Nasr
  29. The Martyrdom of al-Husayn Farid al-Bahraini
  30. Muslim rule in Spain, Muslim Rule in India; Memories of two failures Mohammad Abdulhai Qureshi
  31. The Chronical of Ibn al-Athir for the Crusading Period from al-kamil fi’l-Ta’rikh. Part 1-3 Translated by D.S. Richards

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