Food Parcels- Dormant

Meal Today offers an emergency service in High Wycombe; ensuring that people who need food TODAY receive help TODAY. NB: This service is ending on 7th March 2021 and may be resurrected in the future.

How can you help?

Help collect food

Mak Foods in Totteridge currently have a box ready to be filled. You could add to the box and/or offer to regularly fill the box.

You can also help by doing a food shop on a regular basis each week.

Drive and deliver parcels

You will join a WhatsApp group and when a message goes out you will say if you are available. To do this you will need to sign an agreement for safeguarding purposes. Please contact us on is you would like to help.

Help raise donations!

You can do this independently through knocking on neighbours doors and encouraging hard donations or spreading the justgiving page on social media. You could even organise and run your own fundraiser.

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