Preschool Resources

1. Game: Takbir! about10 minsThis is a take on the old favourite ‘fruit salad’. Sit pupils on a chair in a circle facing each other. They will each be given one word; alhamdulillah, astagfirullah, subhanAllah. Go around the circle and tell each child in turn what their word is. If you have 30 pupils you will have 10 pupils with each word. You will then stand outside the circle and when you say for example ‘astaghfirullah‘ the pupils with that word will have to say it too and jump up and change to a different chair. each time you do this you will take away one chair. The aim of the game is to be the last person who is still sitting on the chair. The best it is ‘Takbir’ at which all pupils need so say ‘Allahu akbar!‘ and all pupils need to find a new chair. Remove 3 chairs when you do this! Importantly, make sure you explain the meaning of the words to the pupils before hand.

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