Period Poverty Pakistan

When the struggle for food and clothes is an every day worry women in the villages do not have the time to consider their personal hygiene. They are used to spending their periods isolated and use a dirty rag to slow the bleeding.

Women are likely to develop infections as a result of this practice. If they do, they do not have the money to get to a hospital. It becomes a life and death matter.

Hygiene cannot be considered a luxury.

It is a necessary part of reducing the inequality that exists between men and women in rural Pakistan to help women manage their periods safely and easily. How can you work or go to school if you are bleeding for 7 days a month?

At Seerah Today International, we are trying to educate women to use hygienic sanitary products, giving them talks and distributing the products because Together We Thrive.

Please donate using reference ‘Period Poverty’.

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