Girls’ Madrassa India

In a small village, Anjangoan Surji Amravati, India stands tall ‘Khair ul Banat School’; a haven for women’s education.

Khair ul Banat School believe that ‘women’s education is one of the best means of reforming society.’

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At Khair ul Banat, the girls are taught Hifz of Quran, Islamic studies, hadith and Arabic grammar and Arabic language. But more than this, they are taught subjects of home science and life skills such as computing, cookery classes and tailoring.

The current madrassa has the capacity to take in 80 female students in boarding and 150 approximately day students. With the popularity of madrassa and school growing, more students have approached this madrassa but due to lack of facilities they have been turned away.

If these girls don’t find space to come to madrassa the parents stop their studies. If their studies are stopped their future remains bleak and their contribution to society is confined to domestic service.

Khair ul Banat want to help these girls and help society as a whole. They are seeking your help to raise funds enough for them to expand so they can accommodate all the eager young minds who approach them.

They are in need of 1.6 crore Indian rupees (approximately £160,000 ). With this fund they can acquire a land of 40,000 sq. feet which will help build a library, bigger hostel, canteen, warehouse, prayer hall, kitchen ,dispensary, guest house, publication of holy Quran and 22 classrooms by the will of Allah.

 “Allah is the helper of the one who helps his religion”

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